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Our team

Zdenek Zeiner

Started it all, Founder

Dedicated freeride skier for 20 years. Adventurer, father, ex sales
manager, and now proud cocreator of SkiFi. He brings first hand user insights, sportsman expertise and a business mindset to SkiFi.

Jan Chalupa

Machatronic expert & Co-founder

Experienced mechatronic engineer, tech guru. He developed special
meteosation for Masaryk University polar station in Antarctica. He
turns all the impossible into reality.

Jakub Stedina

Industrial designer &Co-founder

Talented industrial designer.He has won the Red Dot Award twice.
His most famous work is XTAL for Vrgineers.He keeps everything in
the best shape, not only for the eyes.

Let's Get in Touch

If you are interested in becoming a wholesale partner, are a ski rental or have a business/marketing question, don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail or the form. We are here to help.

Contact Details

Zdenek Zeiner
Phone: + 420 602 612 101


Brno, Czechia 

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